Guinness Book of World Records, 2005, p. 182:

Most Copied Stage Illusion
Invented by Robert Harbin (South Africa) in 1965, the Zig Zag girl is the most
popularly performed stage illusion in the world. A girl, standing in an upright cabinet,
is apparently cut into three pieces and has the middle of her body pulled to one side.
It was copied so quickly that Harbin published a highly-priced book in 1970 (limited
to 500 copies) which allowed each purchaser to build one version of the prop. It is
now estimated that at least 15,000 Zig Zag illusions have been built to date.
...Zig Zag Illusion
*In order to have an authorized version of the Zig Zag, Dick Williams purchased one of the 500 books referred to above. Several
magicians have asked us if Dick still has the book and we don't know what happened to it. He made have sold it years ago. Do
you own Dick's former copy of the
Magic of Robert Harbin? We'd love to know who's enjoying it us.
Dick Williams was the first to perform the
authorized version of Robert Harbin's Zig
Zag illusion on American TV (April 4th,

Photo above is the 2nd version that Dick
Williams owned. It was used on
Williams' Magicland
up until summer 1988?

(written by family member)
Mid-South Fair show, 1974
(Memphis, TN)
From Published Works
& Trick Development

About the Zig-Zag illusion:
Dick Williams was the first to perform the authorized version
of Harbin's Zig Zag illusion on American TV (April 4th, 1971).

Dick's secrets and answers to questions such as:
The middle section seemed to go out further than most....
Was this Zig-Zag built according to standard plans?
(Answer: yes, but this is why it appeared that way...refer
to "Zig Zag Girl" (
Lights, Cameras, Magic!, pgs. 148-149)
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