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In 1965, Dick Williams joined WMC-TV5 (NBC) in Memphis, TN, as a staff announcer and weatherman (over 7000 weathercasts by

Dick “Mr. Magic” Williams was the host of Dick Williams' Magicland on WMC-TV5 Memphis for 23 years (Jan. 1966 - Jan. 1989). His
lovely wife, Virginia was his partner/assistant. Dick was featured in the 2005 Guinness World Records book on pg. 182 in a "Magic &
Illusions" section as well as pg. 154 in the 2006 book for having the longest-running magic show in television history, with 1200
broadcasts (1500 TV shows total, if you include his shows on NBC in TX).

He was the first to perform an authorized version of Robert Harbin's Zig-Zag illusion on American TV (
April 4th, 1971). He was awarded
the International Brotherhood of Magician's Order of Merlin - Excelsior on 7/16/15.

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De Yip Loo built light cabinet #5 for Dick Williams. Dick first performed it on his show, Dick Williams' Magicland,
on April 23, 1978. More info,
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Channel description...
Dick Williams did the voiceover for this TV ad (he was staff announcer, weatherman, and host of Dick Williams' Magicland
...all at WMC-TV5 in Memphis, TN). He worked at WMC-TV5 from 1965 to July 1989. He retired from Dick Williams' Magicland
in late January 1989. His last weathercast was on 7/29/89 (shown on YouTube channel).
"Just imagine how magical Memphis was each week
for 23 years because of Dick and Virginia Williams!"

-MAGIC Magazine, 1999
Just for fun....Coldplay's "Magic"
song & video (click image or
Tricks shown:
Cups & Balls (one of Dick Williams' favorite...he
wrote Cups & Balls for the New Millennium)

Zig-Zag (Dick William was first to perform authorized
version on American television,
April 4th, 1971).

Raising spoon


Stretcher illusion (modern version)