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“A Tribute to Mr. Magic, Dick Williams” was a celebration of Mr. Magic’s show, Dick Williams' Magicland. There were
two shows: 8/29/09 and 8/30/09, at the Germantown Performing Art Center.

Magicland photos and video clips were shown. There was touching video scrapbook showing Dick and Virginia
during their early years together, photos of the family after their daughter Sherry was born, and photos through the
next couple decades. The music was
Carrie Underwood's Whenever you Remember.

David Copperfield called in during both shows to say how Dick had encouraged him over the years, especially when
he was just starting out in magic (SEE TO RIGHT). Jerry "The King" Lawler was at the Sat. show and said how both
Dick and his wife, Virginia,
(deceased) were always genuine people. Lance Burton, who performs in Vegas, wrote
Dick a letter that was presented to him, framed.
Mike Blumenthal did a wonderful job entertaining in the lobby, with
balloon sculptures.
Tony Brent flew up from Florida to emcee the tribute and performed  
Outta Control Magic Show
(voted the "#1 Dinner Show" and the Outta
Control Magic
"Funniest Show in Orlando"). As of 2009, Tony has
performed over 5000 shows in Orlando since 2000.

Michael Clayton performed the Zig Zag and later made a real rabbit
appear (
video here, starting with call from David Copperfield).

Rocky Clements performed the Light Cabinet (lightbulbs through a
lady). Dick really enjoyed seeing those illusions as both were
performed on
Dick Williams' Magicland.

Other performers: Steve Thomas, Mike Speros, and Doug Sparkman.

A very special thank-you to Tim Rappel, who coordinated this tribute
for Mr. Magic!

Mr. Magic attended both performances and met with fans before and
afterwards. The tribute shows were full of great magic and memories!
Special thanks to Stacey's Bakery.com,
of Olive Branch, MS for making a special
cake for Mr. Magic with the above photo
(+ sub trunk photo to right), on the cake.
Dick & Virginia Williams
(Sub Trunk / Houdini's Metamorphosis illusion)
2009 Tribute Show:
Celebrating Dick Williams (AKA "Mr. Magic")
Dick and Virginia Williams went to see
David Copperfield in the Chicago-based
The Magic Man, when David was
18 years old...which led to years of

At Dick Williams’ tribute shows (Aug.
2009), David called in to say: “Glad to
be a part of this tribute to Dick Williams.
He's a great guy!

He's done so much for magic. He
pioneered magic on television, which
of course, I benefited from. He's very
inspirational to a lot of us in the world
of magic.

I met him when I was young man starting
out, when I was 18 years old, in Chicago.
He came to see my show and was very
supportive. Of course, I knew about his
work on TV.

I was just starting out and didn't know
how I would be appreciated in the world
and he gave me a pat on the back to keep
going in the business. I really appreciate
him...from one magician to another. Dick,
I love you man and take care!”

The calls were heard by the audience.
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"Just imagine how magical Memphis was each week
for 23 years because of Dick and Virginia Williams!"

MAGIC Magazine, 1999
Thank-you to all of Mr. Magic's fans!!!
MAGIC magazine ran information about Dick Williams' tribute
in its August 2009 issue & post-story in its October 2009 issue.

The Linking Ring probably ran a story but can't locate in our scrapbook
file right now. They have covered Mr. Magic many times over the years!

There was also local media coverage such
The Commercial Appeal,
The Shelby Sun Times, The Memphis Flyer,
Mr. Magic, backstage (age 82)
Dick Williams, with fans
Rocky Clements & wife
...The Light Cabinet
Michael Clayton performing Modern Art,
invented by Jim Steinmeyer
(longtime friend of Mr. Magic, Jerry Lawler, right)
Michael Clayton performing woman disappears from trunk
Tony Brent, emcee
(with audience member, Caleb)