Dick Williams and his assistant (his wife, Virginia) did 1200 Magicland shows over 23 years, from 1966 until 1989. A lot of people in TN, AR, and
MS grew up watching
Magicland. Back then, the TV signal was turned up a notch (regulated by FCC).

Dick Williams made Memphis a fun place to grow up...they just don't have television like that anymore. I wish my kids could watch it now. -Terry
Fan Mail/Memories
EVERYBODY in Memphis watched “Magicland with Dick Williams.” Mr. Magic
ended every broadcast with his “spocklike” four-finger trick (split them
outward in pairs into a Mr. Spock “live long and prosper” greeting, and then
keep the middle two together while the index and pinkie split outward…try
it…it’s not that easy to do 70 times in a row…with both hands…). -Kerry
Magicland was on for 23 years, with 52 episodes a year. That's
more seasons than a lot of shows. The more successful sitcoms,
for example, usually run 10 years with 20+ episodes per year.
A bit of trivia: The first Magicland show
in full-color aired on November 26, 1966.
I grew up watching Dick Williams on Magicland and I spent many hours learning how to perform the magician's finger
exercises he did at the close of each show. I still amaze children and adults with those same finger exercises which I
learned from Dick Williams back in the 1960's. Thanks for adding to the enjoyment of my life with his life and show. -WS

My brother and I watched you EVERY weekend even when we thought we were too old!  We would try to change the
channel real quick when we were teenagers if anyone came in the room. Thank you so so much for making so many kids
in the Midsouth laugh and enchanting us for so many years. You helped us all hold on to our childhoods and enjoy the
wonders magic. I will always think of you with a smile in my heart and hope you are doing well. -CS
Mr. Magic had a wonderful and wholesome program that parents let their kids watch with no fear of bad influences. Today’s children's programs can't
hold a candle to Mr. Magic...they are repulsive. Mr. Magic is a legend, and I urge all who enjoyed him in childhood to keep him in your prayers. Show
him the love and kindness he showed us. -TC
I was on Magicland with my cub scout pack. I hardly missed an episode, even while I was in college, until he retired. -DC

Thank you for the many hours of pleasure you gave me as a child growing up here in Memphis! I always loved watching you do magic tricks. Thanks again for
bringing so much joy to so many people! -VH

Growing up in Memphis I watched Magicland quite a lot. Tell Mr. Magic thanks for the memories...-DP

I just want to drop a note to thank you for so many years of the most wonderful entertainment. I have the fondest childhood memories of enjoying your show.
I will never forget you coming to our school when I was in the first grade. You even had me come on stage to "assist" in one of your tricks. I am only one of
many who appreciate your years of service. -DR
"magicians finger exercises" daily. Thank you for that, as well as all the great memories from what seems a lifetime ago. I
hope the world is treating you kindly. -DM

I loved your show and my four little brothers did, too. We are in our 50's & 40's but we still talk about your show. You
were the best so thank you for being one of my best memories of my childhood. -JD
I grew up in Covington, TN. Magicland was a regular part of my youth in the mid to late 70s. I found a short clip from 1983 on Youtube,
and it brought back a flood of memories. I'm 40 years old, but I always remember the things that made me happy as a child.
most definitely made me happy. -HP
When I was a kid, I remember begging my parents to take me to Memphis so I could be on Magicland. I was 10 when it went off the air, and I don't
think I ever missed one episode. Even know, as an adult, when I meet people who watched the show growing up, we do that hand/finger thing. It's like
a secret handshake among the kids in the Memphis area when the show aired! Thanks, Mr. Williams! God bless you and your family! -JM

In 1977, I was on the show. Twelve years later found out that my husband was also on that same show. We were both called up to do magic tricks that
day. Whenever asked how we met, we always mention
Magicland. -CB

What a wonderful way to grow up in Memphis. Seeing the great tricks he would perform! I wish my kids could have seen him perform at least once. -BO
I have a copy of the last show (23rd anniversary) and now my 6-year-old watches it quite often.
Magicland still has a timeless appeal. -SC

I just wanted to drop a note to Mr. Magic and thank him for all the great memories he and Magicland gave me while growing up in
Memphis. I have several shows and still watch them every now and again with my kids. Last night I was once again showing my two
youngest girls how to do the finger trick. I used to practice it all day on Sundays back in the 80s. Oddly enough – my left hand is still
faster than my right…and I am right handed! –RH

I watched Magicland every Sunday morning for years. It was because of Dick Williams that I learned to roll coins across my fingers and
still have a great interest in magic today. I remember being lucky enough to be a member of his studio audience twice! Fond memories.
They just don't have kids TV like that anymore. Too bad. -KC

I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how many fond memories I have from watching your show growing up. To this day, I show my
four children some of the tricks I learned from your show. The entertainment you gave us is simply not around today. You were a very
positive role model for me. -RS

You've done an excellent job with the website.  It not only honors a man who has brought an incredible amount of joy to so many in his
community for so many years, but also serves that same community today by helping to rekindle fond memories. -EH
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I just wanted to say I was on his show in or around 1985
with my brownie troop. I still get a kick outta that VHS my
mom has and the cartoons were great thanks for an incredible
memories, Mr. Magic. -MP
show and all of the memories it produced. But the real reason I wanted to say thank you is that
while you were great people on TV, (I never met you guys in person,) I have read that you were
the nicest people off camera too. Thanks for being great and thoughtful people that
contributed a lot to the culture and history of our home, Memphis Tennessee. -Clint
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